Application Threat Modeling

라이언양 위키
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STRIDE 위협 모델은 Microsoft가 컴퓨터 보안 위협을 분류하고 체계적으로 방어하기 위해 만든 모델이다.

  1. Spoofing 신분위장 (An attacker tries to be something or someone he/she isn't)
  2. Tampering 데이터 조작 (An attacker attempts to modify data that's exchanged between your application and a legitimate user)
  3. Repudiation 자기부인 (An attacker or actor can perform an action with your applicatoin that is not attributable)
  4. Information Disclosure 정보유출 (An attacker can read the private data that your application is transmitting or storing)
  5. Denial of Service 서비스 거부 (An attacker can prevent your legitimate users from accessing your application or service)
  6. Elevation of Privilege 권한상승 (An attacker is able to gain elevated access rights through unauthorized means)

각 위협 유형별 대응책은 다음과 같다.

  • Spoofing - 사용자 식별
  • Tampering - 해시(hash)
  • Repudiation - 전자서명(digital signature)
  • Information Disclosure - 암호화(encryption)
  • Denial of Service - 네트워크 필터링
  • Elevation of Privilege - 최소권한(least privilege) 원칙 준수